Antique Mannequin Find

I found this really neat Antique Mannequin and of course I knew what I  was going to do with it.
I am in the process of finishing it and as soon as I do
I will def. post pictures of the ending
results! Enjoy.

An Antique Armoire that needs a little T.L.C!

Well lo and behold I found this Antique Armoire this past week.

I could vision what it would look like once I added Shabby Rose Decor Applique's, paint and alot of TLC.

So here is the before pictures and when I am finished I will post the after pictures. I sure cannot wait to share them with you!



Vintage Shabby Chic Clothing Armoire

Antique Clothing Armoire

Just finished this project and it turned out so cute!
I added several Shabby Rose Decor Appliques
and also put Toile Material in the inside!
This would be an accent to any bedroom
and even a bathroom!


The transformation of my Vintage Trailer

Gotta Love Pink

OMG I cannot find the words of how my trailer turned out. With alot of hard work but enjoyment at the same time. Started with the painting of the inside, adding my Applique's to the cabinets, tearing out the 3 layers of flooring and then carpet. Changing out the cushions fabric to a floral print. Also last but not least adding a missing window and painting it pink and white!
Here is a photo of the inside. So adorable!
The kitchen area, with all pink!

My new love! My vintage trailer I found.

I purchased this Vintage Trailer a few months back and as soon as I bought it I knew that I was going to change it from inside out. I could see the potential it had with my Shabby Chic Touches!
Here is a before picture of my adorable trailer.
Here is another before photo of the inside.
Another photo of the side of the trailer with cute scottish plaids.

Gotta Love this Highboy Dresser!

This Highboy Dresser really caught my eye. I lightly sanded it and added Shabby Rose Decor Applique's and painted it with white paint.
Here is the before and after pictures.
After Picture!
What a difference! I sure love making beautiful pieces that would make someone very happy!

Antique Desk with Hutch

This Antique Desk with Hutch was all black in color when I purchased it.
Of course I wanted to paint it so I could have it for my
Husband's New Office. I chose a Satin White Paint and Robin Egg
Blue for the drawers. I wanted to keep the antique hardware.
For that one-of-a-kind touch I wanted to add
Shabby Rose Decor Applique's and oooh laaa laaa
it turned out so nice! Enjoy...

A day at the Vintage Market in Scottsdale

There was a ton of cool and fun things at the Market. But this one thing caught my eye. A pale pale green Antique Metal Fan.
I pretty much love to re-do furniture so I knew that I was not going
to buy furniture, but I never thought I would buy a Antique Fan.
It had such character and charm!
I thought I could paint it my favorite color, Pink.
Here I have pictured a before and after picture of this Adorable Fan.
You gotta love Pink :o)

The Antique Dresser that needs a little TLC

I saw the beauty and potential in this dresser when I first laid my eyes on it! With it's curved drawers to the queen anne legs and the original hardware. I will be working on this project and when I am done I will post the after picture, I am so excited for the outcome.
So keep posted!

New Projects... YEAH!!!

Well everyone I have been on the hunt for some fun things to work on. I have found a few that I cannot wait to get my hands on...
One I decided to keep but once I am done I will share with you all. Those crazy little mice are working in my head :o) I sure cannot wait to see how it will turn out.
Until next time!


Garage Sale Gal Article - The Find

Lynda Hammond Garage Sale Gal Article on Shabby Rose Decor Appliques

Garage Sale Gal Article by: Lynda Hammond Shabby Rose Decor Featuring Unique Furniture Appliques visit:, Mesa, AZ: "When most of us spot furniture at garage sales we see it for what it is. But when Sharin Louis does, she pictures the possibilities. “It’s amazing the furniture people sell. My mind just goes crazy because I see a piece and I know what I can do with it.” What Sharin can do with it is add a little pizzazz. With the help of appliqués (French for “put on”) Sharin turns her garage sale finds from junky to chic. Appliqués are small decorative pieces that can be added to just about any surface. For Sharin, it all started nearly two years ago when she bought a china cabinet from a garage sale. It was a bit drab but she spruced it up by adding a coat of white paint and appliqués from a hardware store. “The appliqués are so much fun to work with and when I saw that hutch when it was finished I was like‘Wow'that is beautiful’.”Sharin washooked.
Any wood furniture she buys at garage sales---dressers, chests, tables, even a piano--gets her artistic touch. She’s out of room for more furniture in
her house but she likes the process so much she’s helping others get the shabby chic look, too. Sharin has created her own line of appliqués after she had trouble finding the right style and quality. “The ones you can buy at hardware stores are usually wooden and they break really easily.” So, working from the craft room in her home, she developed a “secret” resin to pour into molds in the shape of roses, angels, wreaths and bows. Sharin’s appliqués range in price from $3 for a small pair to $22 for one larger, more intricate creation. Sharin credits garage sales for helping her find her niche."
Sharin Louis, of Mesa, shows off one of her prized possessions from a garage sale. She paid just $60 for the chest and spruced it up with paint and appliqués. Sharin enjoys turning furniture fromunsightly to shabby chic so much so she’s turned the hobby into a business.


This Antique Corner Hutch when I purchased it had no wood or glass in the doors, needed sanded and painted and had no hardware. I added my Applique's, glass knobs, glass, wood and painted a real pretty light pink and a pale off white.



Here I have pictured the front of a Antique Clothing Armoire where I have added my Applique's and pink glass knobs. O'h so cute!



Here is a picture of an Antique Dresser that I painted and added antique hardware. I did'nt add any Appliques, I felt that it look fine without them.



Of course I saw this Antique Door for sale awhile back at a Flea Market and thought to myself that I should paint a cute picture on this. Needless to say I have never taken an art class :o)
It took me awhile but I finally finished it and it goes so well in my home!


This was one of my great finds at a Thrift Store. All's I did was add a few of Shabby Rose Decor Applique's, antique looking knobs and painted it with Antique White Paint. It sure made two little girls happy!

Faux Cupcakes...Yum Yum

I saw this in a magazine and thought to myself "I can do this". If I can re-do furniture why not Cupcakes :o)
Bought all the ingredients to make Faux Cupcakes and O'h they turned out sooo adorable, good enough to eat!


This hutch was this ugly forest green when I got it. I ended up putting white lace on each side of the door and added glass in the middle. Also I added Shabby Rose Decor Applique's and glass knobs. Painted it a antique white and here is the outcome. So chic!


This chest was so fun to do. It did not come with any padding. So of course I chose a pink toile' material. Added Shabby Rose Decor Applique's and white porcelain knobs and a pale pink paint. It sure made a little girl Happy!



This Victorian Hall Tree I found in a dumpster. It was deep red in color and needed some TLC. I took the black hooks off and the Lowe's Wood Appliques off and my work begun. I sanded, added Shabby Rose Decor Appliques, crystal white hooks, painted and even used Rachel Ashwell material  and padded the storage seat.
OMG it turned out so adorable. I did end up selling it and have regretted it to this day. It sure made a Shabby Chic lover happy!

Here is the after picture of the same Antique Blue Dresser.
Wow what a difference a little paint, applique's and glass knobs make!


This Antique buffet I just adored when I saw it and knew if I added my Applique's that it would make a big difference.

This turned out sooo cute I did not have the heart to sell this piece! :o)

"Antique Highboy"

This Highboy needed some TLC. I sanded some well needed areas, painted, added my Appliques's and sooo adorable.

Here I have the after picture of the same dreser. Sooo Shabby Chic! 

Adorable Shabby Chic Antique Twin Bed

This adorable antique four post bed needed some touches so I added one of my favorite applique's the Rose Swag with Victorian Bow from my website. It sure made a difference!