The transformation of my Vintage Trailer

Gotta Love Pink

OMG I cannot find the words of how my trailer turned out. With alot of hard work but enjoyment at the same time. Started with the painting of the inside, adding my Applique's to the cabinets, tearing out the 3 layers of flooring and then carpet. Changing out the cushions fabric to a floral print. Also last but not least adding a missing window and painting it pink and white!
Here is a photo of the inside. So adorable!
The kitchen area, with all pink!

My new love! My vintage trailer I found.

I purchased this Vintage Trailer a few months back and as soon as I bought it I knew that I was going to change it from inside out. I could see the potential it had with my Shabby Chic Touches!
Here is a before picture of my adorable trailer.
Here is another before photo of the inside.
Another photo of the side of the trailer with cute scottish plaids.